Charity Wish Lists
A great way to support St. John's ICARE Foundation is to shop on one of our charity wish lists. Currrently, we have charity wish lists on Amazon, Target, and Walmart

Birthdays, anniversaries, and other special celebrations are a perfect opportunity to give back and support St. John’s ICARE Foundation. Instead of getting more things for your birthday, anniversary, or other special day, you can designate St. John’s ICARE Foundation as the recipient of monetary gifts in your honor. 

Here’s how you can ask your guests to donate in lieu of getting gifts:

Gift Matching – Double your Impact!
Did you know that you can multiply your gift to St. John’s ICARE Foundation/Episcopal Health Services through your company match program? Many companies match employees’ charitable contributions, doubling (sometimes even tripling!) the impact of a gift to St. John’s ICARE Foundation.  We always encourage our generous donors to contact their HR office to see if it’s possible.

In-Kind Giving
Gifts In Kind, also known as in-kind donations, are charitable gifts of goods and services. Individuals, organizations, and groups can donate the following in-kind items to St. John’s ICARE Foundation to support the mission of St. John’s Episcopal Hospital by providing for patients and their families continuously throughout the year.

For additional information or to learn more, contact Nancy Leghart, Executive Director or call 718-869-8062.
Third-Party Events
A third-party event is a fundraising activity by a group (business, organization, civic group) where the St. John’s ICARE Foundation has no financial responsibility and little to no staff involvement. 

St. John’s ICARE Foundation’s Third-Party Events program makes it easy for businesses, organizations, civic/community groups, and individuals to give back. 

Here are a few possibilities for events to get your creative ideas flowing:

Before you officially kick off your event, be sure to notify us of your plans at We will send you a copy of out Third-Party Guidelines and Application which will provide you with fundraiser/host guidelines, how we can support you, the event agreement and a short budget worksheet.