“I have a lot of feeding left to do,” says Andrea, 41, a mother of four and a private caterer who honed her culinary skills in her grandmother’s kitchen, drawing inspiration from her rich Guyanese heritage—flavors of the Caribbean, infused with a unique food style all her own. But in October 2022, a sudden discovery changed the course of her life. “I felt a lymph node in my armpit’” she explains. “One day, a big lump suddenly appeared.” Read more



Pazit Bach, a 48-year-old single mother, was terrified upon receiving a stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis. “I have always been a very healthy person so this news came as a shock,” she shared. Read more


A decade ago, Rockaway resident Devonne Harris did not imagine she could get pregnant, let alone become the mother of twin girls. But over the past 10 years, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital played a key role in changing her life. Read more