Donor Advised Funds (DAF) allow donors to give cash, stock and other assets and receive an immediate tax deduction when the contribution is made. Donors can later choose specific amounts to the charities of their choice.

How It Works

  1. Establish your DAF by making an irrevocable, tax-deductible donation to a public charity that sponsors a DAF program.
  2. Advise the investment allocation of the donated assets (any investment growth is tax-free).
  3. Recommend grants to qualified public charities of your choice.

Main Advantages of Donor Advised Funds
Donor Advised Funds provide a number of benefits whereas direct donations to a charity may not. These benefits include:

What Can Donor Advised Funds Do for St. John’s Episcopal Hospital?
DAFs provide an easy, flexible, low-cost method of giving which supports quality healthcare for individuals throughout the Rockaways. These gifts are essential parts of the lasting changes we make in the lives of our patients in need through our services and programs. For example, you can also establish planned giving beneficiary designations as part of your estate planning and legacy philanthropy.