Penelope Hsu, M.D., Pediatrician and Certified Professional Coach

Penelope Hsu is a board certified, practicing pediatrician. She is also a certified professional coach and professional actor. Her current practice includes clinical pediatric care as well as a cultivated list of private coaching and organizational clients. She teaches physicians how to find work-life balance and medical teams how to build a supportive work culture. Her particular interest is in bringing practical strategies and tools to the medical and Asian American communities so that they can prevent burnout, thrive in their lives, and enjoy longevity, happiness, and success in their careers. Read more 

Vikram N. Palkar, D.O., A Story of Learning, Love and Friendship
A St. John’s Residency Alumni Story

St. John’s Episcopal Hospital Class of 2015 graduate Vikram N. Palkar, D.O., always knew he wanted to go into medicine because of his strong desire to help people. Little did he know he would meet his future wife during his residency at St. John’s and form many bonds with colleagues that he hopes will last throughout his life. Read more

Camille Howard Verovic, D.O., Dermatology Resident and Graduate of our Family Medicine Program

Camille Howard Verovic, DO, Dermatology Resident & Graduate of our Family Medicine Program launches her company Girl + Hair through the Target Takeoff program. Watch the video here

Mikail Kamla, D.O., Cancer Survivor who Developed Intrauterine Device with Help from Bill & Melinda Gates

Mikail Kamal, DO, used his background in engineering and medicine, and his own experience with disease, to create Tampostat, a revolutionary device to combat post-partum bleeding, the leading cause of maternal mortality around the world. Read the article here

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