Philanthropic Legacy Award

Marvin E. Eisenstadt was born February 24, 1933. He grew up in Brooklyn with his parents and three siblings, Gladys, Ellen and Ira. Marv went to the University of Vermont and was a science major. He wanted to go to medical school, but Uncle Sam had different plans for him, and he was sent to Korea, where he served as a medic.

Marvin’s father had a sugar manufacturing plant in Brooklyn, and when Marvin got out of the army, he went to work for his father. Having a chemistry background, Marvin invented Sweet’N Low in 1957, and later invented Sugar in the Raw while working with his father, and the rest is history. Marvin is also a chemist, locksmith, student of zoology, and a student of American Law Procedure where he received LLB degrees.

Marvin married Barbara and they had four children, Jeffrey, Jill, Debra and Steven. They were happily married for almost 50 years. Marvin was known as “Barbara's husband.” Barbara died of pancreatic cancer in 2007.

Rosaline and her husband, Jerry, were happily married for 36 years. They had 3 children, Eric, Jason and Yale. Jerry Nogin died of pancreatic cancer in 2003.

Rosaline Nogin-Eisenstadt and Barbara Eisenstadt worked together on the board of National Council of Jewish Woman for many years. Rosaline knew of Marvin as “Barbara’s husband.”  When they were both widowed, Marvin and Rosaline officially met and dated for two years and got married in 2009. Together, Rosaline “Roz” and Marvin “Marv” have 22 grandchildren, one great grandson and are expecting another one soon.

Together Roz and Marv have continued with generous and loving contributions to many. Their attention to the impact of their donations and time are very important to them. Their love for each other is reflected in their participation and devotion to others. Their endurance in loss and their love of life show in all that they accomplish as a devoted couple.

After many years of traveling, Marv and Roz are spending their time in Rockaway, NY, Florida and Roscoe, NY. They enjoy spending time together and stay active with family and friends.