Dr. Edward Williams, Jr. Community Service Award

Florence Ferguson was born to her parents Keith and Kathleen Ferguson, a pharmacist and a registered nurse, on the island of Jamaica where she spent her formative years. During these years, she was ingrained with the importance of giving back to and serving others.  She attended the Anglican, all girls St. Hugh’s High School and upon migration to New York City with her mother after the death of her father, continued her higher education, receiving a Baccalaureate degree in communications and political science from Hunter College.

A proud resident of Far Rockaway, Florence is passionate about volunteerism and developing a “culture of service” and is always thankful for the opportunity to share in and support organizations that promote the love, life, welfare, and growth of her community. Most notably, she was instrumental in forming alliances between the community and the ICARE Foundation to support its successful Dollars for Doulas crowdfunding campaign in 2022. She also spearheaded the 11-year community advocacy for reconstruction of the Beach 59th Street Playground, resulting in the 2023 completion of a fully accessible $5 million playground made for children of all abilities.

After a successful 35-year career in corporate communications, Florence is currently a retired insurance executive, serving her community with great joy in many areas of social advocacy and governance. She now serves as a member of the St. Johns Episcopal Hospital Community Advisory committee; President and cofounder of Friends of the Beach 59th Street Playground Association; a Board Vice President of Perfect Piece of the Puzzle; and is a member of the NYC Department of Youth & Community Development Neighborhood Advisory Board Queens 14.

Florence’s core beliefs are aptly summed up in one of her favorite quotes from the late Jackie Robinson, “A life isn’t significant except for its impact on others’ lives.”