Blue Phoenix Gala Honorees

Philanthropic Legacy Award

Marvin E. Eisenstadt was born February 24, 1933. He grew up in Brooklyn with his parents and three siblings, Gladys, Ellen and Ira. Marv went to the University of Vermont and was a science major. He wanted to go to medical school, but Uncle Sam had different plans for him, and he was sent to Korea, where he served as a medic.

Marvin’s father had a sugar manufacturing plant in Brooklyn, and when Marvin got out of the army, he went to work for his father. Having a chemistry background, Marvin invented Sweet’N Low in 1957, and later invented Sugar in the Raw while working with his father, and the rest is history. Marvin is also a chemist, locksmith, student of zoology, and a student of American Law Procedure where he received LLB degrees. Read more



Innovation in Healthcare Award

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC), an Adtalem Global Education institution, offers exceptional education and a caring culture for the next generation of physicians. With the mission of training tomorrow’s physicians, whose service to their communities and patients is enhanced by international learning experiences, a diverse learning community, and an emphasis on social accountability and engagement, AUC offers students more than a degree. AUC has campuses located in Sint Maarten and the United Kingdom, and has graduated more than 7,500 students. Read more



Innovation in Healthcare Award

Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM), an Adtalem Global Education institution, delivers an innovative medical education program in an inclusive environment that fosters professional growth and leadership. RUSM offers equitable access to medical education, which drives community health equity. With a Hands-On From the Start™ teaching approach, students immerse themselves in learning the practice of medicine, gain experience in simulation labs, and train alongside physicians, caring for patients in the community within weeks. Located in Barbados, RUSM has graduated more than 15,000 alumni who practice in the U.S. and Canada. Read more

Dr. Edward Williams, Jr. Community Service Award

Florence Ferguson was born to her parents Keith and Kathleen Ferguson, a pharmacist and a registered nurse, on the island of Jamaica where she spent her formative years. During these years, she was ingrained with the importance of giving back to and serving others.  She attended the Anglican, all girls St. Hugh’s High School and upon migration to New York City with her mother after the death of her father, continued her higher education, receiving a Baccalaureate degree in communications and political science from Hunter College. Read more